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Wherever you play, we've got you covered.


No stakes and no holes. Stand it up and break it down in seconds with our patented design.

In Water

Designed with water in mind. So go ahead. Play it in a pool, pond,lake or even the ocean.

On Pavement

Whether you're tailgating in a parking lot or your driveway, our all-terrain bases have you covered.

On Sand

Carry it on, stand it up and carry it out of your favorite beach in our wingman carrying case.

Play With The Best

With materials more commonly found in pick-up trucks than in yard games, we don't just preach about high quality, we build it.

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Play it Everywhere.

Yardies' Polish Horsheshoes has been played by tens of thousands of people from coast to coast.

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Real Comments From Real People

Polish Horseshoes (Beersbee)

Polish Horsheshoes is the great American yard game commonly referred to as Beersbee. It is a 2V2 player yard game in which the object is to knock off the opponent’s bottle from their pole by throwing a frisbee. It’s the most addictive and exciting yard game out there and guess what? It’s built by Yardies so it’s built to last. Bring it anywhere. Play it anywhere.

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Turn your next backyard barbeque up a notch with the game that anyone can play. From your grandmother to the toddlers, everyone will want in.


Made for tailgaters by tailgaters. Competition, drinking, and the opportunity to dive for a catch. What more can you ask for?

Beach Days

What's a beach day without a few games? Our set is perfect on the sand, in the water or anywhere in between.

Beer Olympics

First of all, it's nicknamed beersbee and secondly it's the most exciting drinking game you can play. Why would you not have it in your olympics?


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