Product Highlights

  • Materials: HDP, Aluminum
  • Carrying Case: The Wingman Backpack
  • Environment: Waterproof & UV Resistant

Polish Horseshoes

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Polish Horsheshoes is the great American yard game commonly referred to as Beersbee. It is a 2V2 player yard game in which the object is to knock off the opponent’s bottle from their pole by throwing a frisbee. It’s the most addictive and exciting yard game out there and guess what? It’s built by Yardies so it’s built to last. Bring it anywhere. Play it anywhere.


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What's Included

High quality components made from high quality materials.

HDPE & Aluminum Poles

UV resistant and waterproof poles that break down for easy transport.

The Bottles

Impact resistant bottles that are he exact weight of a glass bottle and float in water.

All-Terrain Bases

Constructed from a rubber polymer that allows you to play on virtually any surface (including in water).

The Wingman

It's a cooler. It's a carrying case. It's awesome.

The Frisbee

175G frisbee built from extra soft and extra durable material.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our products. All Yardies' products come with a limited lifetime warranty.

How To Play

Downloadable and Printable Instructions